Project risk analysis tool: An automated risk identification system

Risk identification and analysis

Fujitsu needed to find a way to provide an automated risk identification system could provide Fujitsu’s lawyers with the ability to go beyond applying just their own individual knowledge and experience when analyzing contract risk

Neota’s no-code automation platform allowed lawyers without coding expertise to build their own solutions targeting their exact needs. The comprehensive expert support provided by Neota in an attractive subscription model provided the ability to rapidly triage and solve issues without having to have lengthy discussions with tech vendors about whether necessary adjustments could even be made.

Fujitsu’s legal operations team learnt to use Neota and built a prototype of their risk identification solution within just two weeks. The risk reports provided by the system looked like something produced by a Fujitsu lawyer themselves, providing both quantitative and qualitative risk analysis.

For the solution, developing a quantitative analysis of variables in documents was relatively simple. Qualitative analysis pertained to issues that are much harder to judge, and could be representative of higher degrees of risk. Inferences from the data provided allowed patterns to appear, creating a risk level based on inputted parameters as decided by the in-house team. Ultimately, a comprehensive risk report is developed after going through a clean and simple user experience.

  • Accelerate time to market
  • Scale internal legal expertise to the business
  • Minimise risk

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