Contest Creator: A product that generates rules for promotional contests in Canada

A fast, cost-effective and easy way to generate rules

Drafting legally compliant contest rules is traditionally a complex process that requires considerable input from legal counsel. This process can be burdensome, time-consuming and costly.

Contest Creator generates rules for promotional contests under the laws of Canada. The user generates the rules by answering a shortlist of questions. For anyone that wants to run a promotional contest in Canada, Contest Creator is a fast, cost-effective and easy way to generate the rules required for that contest.

Promotional contest rules are the rules governing contests that serve as a binding legal contract between the contest’s sponsor and each entrant. Canada has federal and provincial rules governing how a promotional contest can be run, regulating issues like conditions of entry, conditions an entrant needs to satisfy in order to win, and the contest information that must be disclosed. Contest Creator guides a user through relevant considerations, guidance and warnings to generate applicable rules for their contest.

  • Streamline and digitize access to advice
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Ensure consistency of advice

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