Herbert Smith Freehills

JobKeeper Navigation: Helps users understand the JobKeeper payment scheme, whether you are eligible to receive this payment and what steps you should take next

Providing up-to-date guidance

While government financial support was made available in Australia for those not working due to the pandemic, understanding eligibility, the requirements, and what steps to take, proved difficult and only added to the stress.

HSF’s lawyers could ably find and simplify information pertaining to whether a particular individual was eligible for the Australian JobKeeper payment, but it would be very difficult to relay this information to all those interested in a classical manner. HSF leveraged the Neota platform to quickly prototype, build, and deploy a public-facing application guiding people as to their eligibility and what next steps they should take. This scalability which HSF harnessed through Neota would be practically impossible without this innovative approach.

  • Streamline and digitize access to advice when individuals need it the most
  • Easy to maintain and update
  • Ensure consistency of advice