Simonsen Vogt Wiig

Public Procurement App: Test the results of evaluation models and calculate willingness to pay

Analyze purchasing risk

SWV wanted to create an application that simplified the procurement process. They needed to find a solution to build a sophisticated and complex application to provide legal expertise through procurement-specific formulae to access the risk involved in this process.

Contracting authorities can use the procurement solution to ensure that the evaluation method reflects its willingness to pay for various qualitative criteria and that no award criteria have been assigned a disproportionate weight. The solution also allows parties to combine this information to subsequently assess the impact of different evaluation methods in procurement competitions. Provided that the contracting authority discloses information about the evaluation method, suppliers can use the solution to better understand how to adapt their offers so as to increase the chance of being awarded the contract.

The solution simplifies the procurement process for clients through a form-based interface, with fields related to certain criteria and the weighting of these criteria.

  • Streamline and simplify the procurement process
  • Ensure consistency of advice
  • Easy to build, update and manage
  • Create new business opportunities

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