Client matter onboarding: End-to-end automation of the entire matter onboarding process

Simplifying matter onboarding

After reviewing several internal processes, Thommessen identified the New Client Matter Onboarding process as currently being very manual and inefficient. When registering a new matter, client and case information were filed manually into an e-mail-based form and forwarded to the finance department, to then be added to a number of internal systems (billing, matter management and customer relationship management). In addition, routine processes for Anti-Money-Laundering were executed, but with minimal system support. The organization’s finance team, would spend a considerable amount of time calling the lawyers if fields were left unpopulated or cross-checking other sources to ensure the fields were populated correctly

Thommessen built out a workflow using Neota’s no-code platform. This workflow was based on a form, including automatically importing pre-existing information from their CRM system, Salesforce. They also decided to initiate the matter onboarding process from Salesforce. An integration with the Norwegian company register was incorporated as a feature in the application. This way users were only required to input information that wasn’t currently residing in an existing database. Another feature of the application they built in the Neota platform was document automation to create the matter confirmation letter at the end of the process. The scope of the project was enhanced further by building in system support from anti-money laundering into both the Neota application and Salesforce.

  • Increase efficiencies
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Build Partner confidence in automation

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