Claims handling: Tailored guidance to handle claims

Handle claims quickly and accurately

For a firm with a strong injury law practice, handling claims quickly and accurately is key. While this is relatively easy with experienced lawyers, getting juniors and trainees to handle their own matters without spending extra time making sure a response is watertight can be difficult. Weightmans sought to scale their expertise, and help those with less experience understand what questions could be left unanswered based on the information you already have. Giving case handlers signposts to get to the most accurate answer as simply and quickly as possible.

Weightmans were already using Kira to analyse documents, and MatterSphere to handle cases. While these solutions were helpful, their integration with Neota is what made digital transformation come to life for the firm. Once Kira has extracted information from documents, Neota applies logic to establish what is of importance and how this information should be used to answer a series of ‘yes/no’ questions. Based then on variables decided by experienced lawyers, the system can either provide guidance on responding to the claim, or explain what other information should be collected. What is so useful about this latter aspect is that the system can recognize what pieces of information are most important to get to an answer based on what is already available, rather than lawyers having to get all other possible bits of information. Ultimately, the system gives case handlers signposts to get to the most accurate answer as quickly and as simply as possible.


  • Increase efficiencies
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy of advice