NDA Automation: End-to-end NDA automation solution

Streamline the NDA process

Being asked to do ‘more for less’ is an issue which resonates with in-house legal departments. This too was the case at Wesfarmers. In order to streamline business processes and have lawyers working on the tasks which couldn’t be automated, Wesfarmers looked to Neota to build a solution to reduce time and resources spent on NDA creation, an area where the company has a high-volume workload.

The Neota platform allowed Wesfarmers to build a suite of NDA standard documents, each suiting varying levels of confidential information protection while ensuring being even-handed for the counterparty. The complete app entails NDA creation as well as integrating negotiation, escalation, handoff requirements, e-signing, and filing processes. This true end-to-end system could be viewed from the Neota Analytics Dashboard, allowing lawyers to simply track the status of every NDA across the business from one console.

  • Increase efficiencies
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Insight into user data

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