Request For Proposal Management

End-to-end RFP Generation

RFP Management

Advance your response process

Big or small, the management of RFPs are a time consuming and often costly business process. It’s no wonder many refer to it as a Request for Problems! Not only do significant resources go into the creation of RFPs but also into the often manual downstream tasks of managing and evaluating vendor responses. Automate the complete end-to-end process of RFP generation, vendor submission, automated weighted score assignment, review, and analysis with Neota.

  • Simple and effective collaboration between you and your vendors
  • Save costs and reduce sourcing cycles
  • Customize each RFP or reuse the same questions
  • Store, retrieve, and compare all vendor responses – question by question or as a whole
  • Automate the application of weighted scores to vendor answers for streamlined analysis
  • Add in automatic drafting, negotiation, and execution of the winning vendor contract


Customize your solution with add-on functionality

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Analytics and reports

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Centralized dashboards

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Customizable theme

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Internal approval workflow

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Clause library

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Data integration

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Cloud storage / document management system integration

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Advanced user management and permissions

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Configurable deployment options

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