The Brave New World of HR Recruitment and Onboarding

Sandra Aldi
The Brave New World of HR Recruitment and Onboarding
The Brave New World of HR Recruitment and Onboarding

Leveraging automation for HR business processes

Setting the right first impression with a new employee starts before they are even officially onboarded, but with the actual offer process. When a hiring manager sends an employment letter to a prospective administrative employee, the process should be relatively swift. However, because human resources and the legal department typically must review each letter before they can be sent out, an excessive amount of time is spent on this relatively low-risk task, particularly when a company is hiring large numbers of junior and mid-level workers.

The traditional employee recruitment and onboarding process is rarely simple, almost never fast, and not particularly successful:


  • The number of days between when a job opening is approved and the day an offer is accepted can range from a few days to several months, depending upon the industry, role, and efficiency of an organization’s recruiting process.
  • According to the Human Capital Institute (HCI), more than 50 percent of organizations focus their employee onboarding process on processes and paperwork, not people, and as a result, up to 20 percent of new hires decide to leave a company within the first 45 days of employment.
  • One Gallup study found that just 12 percent of U.S. employees think their company does a suitable job of onboarding – 20 percent said their onboarding was poor or they received none at all.


Fortunately, there’s a better way. A solution designed to streamline the process empowers the hiring manager to automatically draft an employment contract themselves through the automation tool. Since questions and logic are built into the solution, it is able to pull from different variations of clauses (i.e. least restrictive to most restrictive) based on how the hiring manager answered questions normally asked by HR and legal – i.e. would the employee have access to client lists, would they be working with confidential information, etc. . Ready to learn more? Read on.


The New and Improved Recruitment and Onboarding Process

When companies utilize an automated recruitment and onboarding solution, the recruitment and onboarding process could look something like this:


  • A user automatically receives a set of application questions and when they finish answering them, a report is generated and sent to the hiring manager. Once a hiring manager is satisfied with an employee, they send an email to the applicant asking them to come in for an interview.
  • Reference checks are automatically sent (with information retrieved from the applicant’s original answers) by email to referees listed by the applicant. The prospective employee’s references, along with their answers to the questions and any notes, are sent to the appropriate person for final approval.
  • A draft letter is generated and sent to the hiring manager for approval or further editing. Once approved, the letter can be sent to the new employee for e-signature
  • A list of key tasks is automatically outlined for completion prior to the new hire’s first day. An email is generated to each person or department responsible for completing these tasks.
  • All tasks are tracked by HR for completion through the solution’s data analytics dashboard. Task status updates are triggered by a return email from the person or department confirming the tasks have been completed.
  • Once the employee begins work and the time comes for self-evaluation and performance review, managers can assemble logic-driven questionnaires for their employees to complete and review. The review progress can be monitored and bespoke review documentation generated.
If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

Neota offers a suite of solutions built on its comprehensive platform that utilizes a range of functionalities and tools , and covers a spectrum of processes/workflows/expertise that can be automated. Here’s our vision: Your stakeholders or customers can get a task completed, a question answered, or request approved without coming to a Legal, Knowledge Management, Human Resource, or Procurement professional. The possibilities are endless.


To learn about the new recruitment and onboarding solutions Neota can help build for your organization, check out our Use Case Ebook today.


You can also learn more about automating the hiring and onboarding processes here.

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