The Corporate Transparency Act – Are lawyers ready for this important regulation?

This complimentary virtual event covers:

  • Understanding the basics of the CTA (who, what, when, how and why)
  • Who is subject to the CTA, and who is exempt?
  • When are the reports due?
  • What needs to be reported?
  • Who will have access to this information?
  • How does the information need to be reported?
  • Gaining valuable Insights from experienced regulatory compliance professionals
  • Accessing best practices for complying with the CTA
  • See a live example of how Neota’s no-code platform can be used to automate a CTA workflow

For more information on the CTA, please refer to our recent blog – click here.

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Melanie Segraves
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Rudy Gerlich
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Patty Tehrani
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