THE NEOTA PRIZE awarded at Law Without Walls in Miami

THE NEOTA PRIZE awarded at Law Without Walls in Miami
THE NEOTA PRIZE awarded at Law Without Walls in Miami
New York, New York — April 30, 2018 — On Saturday and Sunday, April 21 and 22, Neota Logic participated in the annual culmination event of Law Without Walls (LWOW) at the University of Miami. ​LWOW is an annual four-month program that begins each January at a law school or business school somewhere in the world — and ends with a final event at the University of Miami. Law and business schools from around the world, including Harvard and Stanford, send students to LWOW, which has the tag line: “The Future of Law, Today”

At this year’s kick-off event in January (held in Switzerland), students from different schools were placed in teams and then worked virtually for four months creating a business plan for an innovative company or project that addresses a major challenge involving law. The business plans are ambitious, thorough, and creative — but are generally not intended to be implemented because LWOW is primarily a great educational and networking experience for innovation-focused students of law and business.

Neota Logic participated in last weekend’s event in two ways. First, Neota Logic’s VP of Education and Community Programs, Kevin Mulcahy, gave a presentation on the students’ new opportunity to leverage their expertise through machine learning and expert systems. Kevin asked the students to think about how — throughout their careers — they’ll use their new powers to read and write thousands of documents at once.

Also, Neota Logic awarded the first annual NEOTA PRIZE to the LWOW team that developed the best plan for an expertise automation application. The prize is that Neota Logic will support the winning team members and their mentors (alumni of LWOW) in building their app in Neota Logic. The completed Neota Logic app will presented at the next LWOW kick-off event, in January 2019 at IE University in Madrid.

Here are they are: this year’s LWOW NEOTA PRIZE winners:

From left to right:

  1. Caruila – Pontifica University, Chile
  2. Layan – IE University, Spain
  3. Stephanie – University of St. Gallen, Switzerland
  4. Ruchi – Bucerius Law School, Germany

The team’s app that will provide GDPR compliance guidance to fintech start-ups.

Congratulations to the winners of the NEOTA PRIZE — and to Law Without Walls for providing such a great program that educates and inspires students, and fosters innovation in the global legal community.

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