Automating MSAs and schedules with no-code

Date: Friday, December 3rd


Time: 14:00 ET;  11:00 Pacific


While Master Service Agreements are used to simplify future business relations, processes are often hindered by confusing audit trials, messy re-drafting, and time-consuming approval processes. With Neota’s no-code automation platform and our pre-built modular MSA Product, corporate legal departments can easily implement a seamless end-to-end MSA workflow. Create, negotiate, and execute MSAs all online, with a full audit trail and integrated approval process.

The solution can be used for a variety of agreements with sub-agreements and schedules other than MSAs alone. In this webinar, Neota’s Jack Stanovsek will be joined by Colin McCarthy from Legal Operators to discuss the benefit and flexibility of the solutions, and where its value may lie for your business.


Jack Stanovsek

Jack Stanovsek is a Director of Markets and Growth at Neota Logic. He completed his Juris Doctor at Melbourne Law School and his Master of Laws at New York University School of Law, where he focused on new technologies and the law. Prior to joining Neota Logic, Jack clerked in an Australian private practice firm and a government law office. He found his passion for legal technology after building an application on the Neota platform that assisted public housing tenants in remote regions of the Northern Territory to file claims against their government landlords in tenancy tribunals. Jack joined Neota Logic’s client success team at the start of 2020, where he assisted clients to scope out and build innovative use cases that serviced his clients’ internal processes and offered innovative point-based solutions for their clients. He has a deep understanding of the Neota platform’s functional capabilities and is driven by the quantifiable value that no-code automation can deliver for organizations.

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