Workflow Automation – Building a connected, streamlined and data-driven legal department


Heard lately of the buzz words automation, workflows, no-code, and still wondering how to concretely leverage this new technology into your Legal Department?

Join Crafty Counsel for a workshop with Sonia Hadjadj and Shaz Aziz – Neota Logic where we will discuss:

  • The Rise of the ‘Citizen development’: the enterprise world is moving towards custom applications built by non-software engineers.
  • Technological evolutions supporting this, including UX creating intuitive tools.
  • How it can empower Legal Departments to reduce frictions with other departments and gain productivity by streamlining their processes integrated to wider enterprise solutions.
  • How to make a business case to the leadership and the power of rapid prototyping enabling you to create a persuasive « show-and-tell. »
  • Use-cases of peers (KPMG, Fujitsu, Wesfarmers) who have leveraged workflow automations to streamline document workflows, advice delivery and other business workflows.
  • Live-build of a legal services request tool.

  • Questions & Conversation

Spaces are limited, please register and we’ll get back to you!


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