Weightmans using Neota in Law School 2.0 idea sprint to develop solutions to legal challenges from the war in Ukraine.

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Weightmans using Neota in Law School 2.0 idea sprint to develop solutions to legal challenges from the war in Ukraine.

As part of the Support48 idea sprint run by Law School 2.0, Neota customer Weightmans used their legal knowledge and experience in Neota’s no-code automation platform to plan their solution, Instruction+. The tool will seek to help immigration lawyers work more quickly and efficiently by reducing the time it takes to gather initial information for a person’s claim.


Neota CEO, Kim Massana, stated:


            “It is fantastic to see our customer Weightmans use their knowledge and experience, both in law and the Neota platform, to ideate and plan this solution in just 2 days. Once again, it is clear that supercharging innovation practices with no-code can assist in rapidly delivering meaningful solutions to real-world problems. We are very proud to be supporting the development of tools to help the population of Ukraine at this terrible time.”


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 29th 2022 – Support48, a fully virtual idea sprint for legal tech solutions to solve challenges arising from the war in Ukraine organised by Law School 2.0, has recently concluded a 48 hour challenge.


Since the 24th of February 2022, more than 4 million people have migrated from Ukraine. For many, they are friends, family and loved ones. The Russo-Ukrainian conflict has left a feeling of uncertainty and people asking – what can I do to help?


With a community of 1000 students, graduates and lawyers, Law School 2.0 (LS2.0) engaged their community to make a difference through ‘Support48’. Support 48 was a 48 hour idea-sprint which took place from the 18th to 20th March. Over these 48 hours, 8 teams worked on looking deeper into challenges faced by people fleeing Ukraine, and the organisations and lawyers seeking to assist them. Throughout the 48 hours, participants were guided through the process of: problem-framing; solution creation; and ensuring solution adoption, with recorded talks from LS2.0’s LegalTech Vacation Scheme hosted last Summer.


Annabel Pemberton, Co-Founder of Law School 2.0, mentioned:


“I currently live and work in Prague, where many have Ukrainian friends. In times like this, sometimes it is the aggregated effort of many people that can make a difference. We hope through bringing skills together for Support48 and the next solution building phases, we can coordinate and spark change in such an awful situation.”


Support48 attracted the attention of students, postgrads and lawyers with all spots filled a week beforehand. While most participants applied individually, including a large number from BPP University, Weightmans submitted a team of 21 lawyers to participate. With high spirits, they worked around the clock to create their solution ‘Instruction+’, a Neota based tool to help immigration lawyers by reducing the time it takes to gather initial information for a person’s claim.


When discussing the solution from Team Weightmans, CTO of Weightmans Stuart Whittle, said:


“A great initiative by Law School 2.0 and it was fascinating working with a diverse group of people within our firm all of whom have very different experiences and ideas. We even had a former refugee share her perspective. I really hope that the ideas coming out of the weekend can be turned in to something that is actually useful and solving some of the real world problems that the Ukrainian refugees are experiencing right now.”


If you would like to get involved in supporting the teams build out the final solutions, please email Law School 2.0 at hello@lawschool2-0.com.

Support48 is now in the solution creation stage and support to host and help build solutions is now being requested. More information can be found on their website.


Follow Support48 via LS2.0’S channels below:

Website: www.lawschool2-0.com/support48

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/lawschool2/?viewAsMember=true

Twitter: twitter.com/ls2_0

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lawschool2.0/


About Law School 2.0

Law School 2.0 is an educational initiative addressing the gap in knowledge, skills and opportunities in technology integration in the legal profession through empowering future lawyers to be more innovative; understand; and apply, technology.


For more information about Law School 2.0, please reach out at hello@lawschool2-0.com or visit www.lawschool2-0.com/.

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