What is it that Neota does?

What is it that Neota does?

I’m often asked by prospects, friends and family, ‘What is it that Neota does?’

Well, here is my (admittedly long-hand) response.

At Neota, we are helping companies reimagine their professional services.

We say this because while many artificial intelligence technologies automate processes, documents and knowledge (e.g. contract data extraction, legal research & prediction, document automation tools), they don’t fundamentally change the nature of the relationship between the professional and the client.

A relationship that can suffer from a lack of responsiveness, affordability and inaccessibility.

While other technologies perpetuate the current professional services industry model, we transform it.

We allow companies and individuals to directly and affordably access the expert services of the professional through intelligent software applications.

We allow professional services firms to move beyond providing responsive human-centric services to offering proactive digital services directly to the client’s point of need.

We call these digital professional services.

We even go as far as allowing the most innovative firms to create preventative services that help clients avoid issues in the first place, for example financial regulatory compliance monitoring software.

Gartner and we call these algorithmic or ambient professional services.

The clear beneficiaries of these newly imagined services are both clients and professionals.

For the client, they get the benefit of their professional’s experience and expertise applied to their business in real-time. Every day, all day, on their best day. For the professional, it allows them to re-imagine their relationships with existing and new clients.

This is what we do at Neota and we are unique in what we are attempting to achieve.

You can find out more about us and many of our forward-thinking clients on www.neotalogic.com

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